About Me

Hi Everyone! I'm Nicole, a twenty-something Finance professional living in Chicago with my husband, Jason, and our French Bulldog, Brutus

For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for affordable styling. While I absolutely adore almost everything I see in high-end retailers (who doesn't, right) and occasionally treat myself to a great handbag, I truly believe that there is a cost-friendly alternative for everything, and that a great outfit can be achieved regardless of price point. Lady Luxe For Less is a creative and fun way for me to share my fabulous fashion finds (because it just wouldn't be right to keep them a secret) and personal style with others, and my hope is that it may serve as a source of inspiration for you! 

In addition to the obvious - shopping, I enjoy spending time with family and friends (especially my hubby...we're Newlyweds), traveling (particularly when it's not for work... for which I travel 60% of the time), running on Chicago's beautiful lakefront (I'm a Boston Marathon Qualifier), making others laugh (I've been described as the class-clown more than once), snuggling with my Brutus (he's seriously the sweetest little thing...and I can't promise he won't appear here on occasion) and learning new things (like photography and blogging). 

Thank you so much for stopping by Lady Luxe For Less and for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me! Feel free to introduce yourself via e-mail - I would love to get to know you, as well!